Sunday, February 07, 2016

POTD 2015 | may 1-15

So. Hi there. You may remember me from... last year. But no more tears, I'm back!

I was all prepared to tell you about how AMAZINGLY busy I've been... with growing kiddos, with an over-worked hubby, with an energetic dog and with my fast-growing photography business. I was ready to tell you that I just didn't have time to post my daily photos... for the entire second half of the year. It's all true. 

But then I actually LOOKED at the photos from where I left off. I started captioning them. And then it hit me. 

Psychotherapy Alert!

I realized that the batch of photos where I left off were from when my grandmother died. 

Yeah, so, analyze that. I'm an open book... 100% avoidance. So here I am, ripping off the bandaid, walking over the burning coals. Let's get this over with...

121. panting.
121. | panting.

Playing outside is hard work. Pant, pant, pant.

122. at the races.
122. | at the races.

This morning was the EFW walk/run and David participated for the first time! He did such a good job! I was so proud of him. And he was proud of himself... even though he didn't place in the top finishers, he found a small piece of a stump and claimed it as his trophy.

123. family grilling time.

123. | family grilling time.

Look at those three. Everyone wants to learn how to grill. (Oh, yeah, that's Sam, not me!) That's ok with me. I'll be sitting back here sipping on a cold beer... just tell me when dinner's ready!

124. practically a steal!

124. | practically a steal.

This is my favorite time of the year - library book sale time! I love going to this annual sale, walking up and down the rows of tables, salivating over all the books I can buy for a mere $10... and dreaming about the imaginary hours in each day when I will read them... but look at all the pretty books!

125. process is messy.
125. | process is messy. 

The truth. And I'm a disaster.

from Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

126. lunchtime

126. | lunchtime.

I had a working lunch out today. It's sometimes nice to change my environment. I went from sitting at a table in my office by myself to sitting at a table in Panera by myself.

127. before the outcome.
127. | process

Process is definitely more than "three strikes and you're out". It's more like try, try again. Start over. Try, try again. Repeat. Repeat. Success (maybe).

Excerpt from Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon.

128. tailgating.

128. | tailgating.

Friday night family tailgating at a Brewers-Cubs game was never so much fun. Especially when your sou chef is so adorable!

129. reading time.

129. | reading time.

After a stop at Barnes & Noble, we all sat on the couch, captivated by our new books. As it should be.

130. mother's day.

130. | mother's day.

I struggled with the decision about posting this photo. But I decided to just do it. Tear off the bandaid. This is my story. I'm telling my daily story in photos, whether it be good, bad, happy or sad.

It was Mother's Day.

Sam and I went to visit Mom-Mom at the rehab facility. My mom and Bill were there too. We spent Mother's Day together, all the moms.

It's a day I will never forget.... because it was literally her last one.

131. the big reveal.
131. | the big reveal.

This morning on The Morning Blend TMJ 620 revealed their big classic car giveaway. This beauty! After being reworked, refurbished and renewed, this was the big reveal.

132. sustaining myself.

132. | sustaining myself.

This morning I woke up feeling like the last 24 hours had been a bad dream. But alas, it was reality. Yesterday we lost a great woman.

Today I relied on coffee to keep me going. Today it was tasteless and powerless, entirely ineffective. Perhaps I'll take a nap instead.

133. cork you!
133. | cork you!

This is not funny. The one night I REALLY NEED to open this bottle of wine and the cork breaks.

Not funny.

134. | this photo has been intentionally left blank.
135. spinning cousins.

135. spinning cousins.

Well, all the cousins came together yesterday, near and far, to say goodbye to Mom-Mom. Today, we move on.

We took the kids to the park to let some energy out. They had a blast. We had a moment, noticing how big they were getting. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

back to school 2015.

Taking a moment from my very-overdue daily photo project to bring you --- back to school.

Today is the first day of school. 

After shuffling them off to their respective schools, fighting back the tears, I uploaded our typical round of first day of school pictures onto my computer. As I looked through them, I was struck. These two. Just.... wow. They make my mind explode and my heart beat faster. 

Looking at them, smiling (or not) back at me from this photo, I regretted ever wishing them off to school. But there they are...

David and Sam.
4th and 7th.
9 and (nearly) 12.
Elementary and Middle.
Easy and Complex.
Silly and Funny.
Sensitive and Emotional.
Athletic and Artistic.
Yin and Yang.
Up and Down.
Kid and Tween.
Predictable and Unexpected.
Heart and Soul.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Good luck to all you moms, dads, kids and teachers who are beginning another hopeful school year.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

POTD 2015 | april 16-30

106. | the wall.
106. | the wall.

Oh, it's an exciting photo day alright. Here is the wall in my living room. Calm down, y'all. It's just a wall.

107. | lavender iced tea.
107. | lavender iced tea.

A friend and I went light shopping (believe it or not, it was more exciting than it sounds!). We followed it up with lunch at Story Hill BKC. This drink was on the menu and let me tell you, it was unlike any iced tea I'd ever had before.

108. | spectating.
108. | spectating.

David had a soccer game today and the weather was so perfect that we decided to bring Shadow along with us. She sat so sweetly and watched David kick and run and play... On second thought, I'll bet she was just keeping her eye on the ball. So she could eat it.

109. | sticks.
109. | sticks.

Aside from soccer balls, slippers, used kleenex and dirty socks, Shadow loves a good stick from the backyard. And here, she has scored a good stick that will last her, oh, a few minutes.

110. | grocery list.
110. | grocery list.

So, if you thought my WALL from a few days ago was exciting, now you get to check out my grocery list. (Ooooh.)

Please, read the list slowly as it may cause a sudden increase in excitement. Or boredom. You can pick.

111. | top of the stairs.

111. | top of the stairs.

The only place in the entire house Shadow the dog has not stepped a single paw? Down these stairs. Which really is a shame because I wanted so badly to train her to do the laundry.

112. | wednesday wine day.

112. | wednesday wine day.

Well... what other day of the week would you open a bottle of wine? (correct answer: any day)

This was a good bottle. Must buy it again.

113. master of the bark box.
113. | master of the bark box.

Silly humans. You keep buying me these awesome boxes filled with snacks. This guy tastes like chicken!

114. | it's a sign.
114. | it's a sign.

It's so close. Pizza Man is coming to Tosa and now it's official - the sign says so!

115. | street.
115. | street.

I love our street. It's so pretty. The way the trees canopy overhead, perfectly framing the road, is like a welcoming committee to keep walking.

116. | butterfly.
116. | butterfly.

Today we visited the butterflies at the Milwaukee Public Museum. I am always blown away by Sam when we come here. She loves the butterflies and personifies them into real friends.

117. | salad.
117. | salad.

I was cutting up the ingredients for a pasta salad when I noticed how pretty they looked. The colors, textures and shapes all spoke to me straight from the cutting board! So of course I grabbed my camera...

118. | happy library books.
118. | happy library books.

A quick stop at the library resulted in three -- and only three! that's impressive! --  books on creativity and photography. I only ended up reading 1 1/2 of the books. But the thing is, merely checking out the books from the library made me feel more inspired and creative. See - literary osmosis does exist!

119. | soccer pictures.

119. | soccer pictures.

It's David's annual soccer picture's pre-photo photo. These two, even in one year, have grown so much! Go Team France!

120. | not everyday.

120. | not everyday.

It's not everyday that you look out your widow to find a pair of ducks walking though your lawn. Turkeys, yes, but ducks? No way.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

POTD 2015 | april 1 - 15

91. | your emcee for the evening.
91. | your emcee for the evening.

My darling husband, once again being fantastic on stage at a station event. Truthfully, when I see him from the audience - as others do - it's a little surreal. That guy is really something else!

92. | puppy love.
92. | puppy love.

Sam has a love/love relationship with Shadow. She loves her dog so much. But some days she loves the dog but wishes she were a tiny lapdog... or a cat. Sam really struggles with missing our cat. But lapdog or cat or giant, humongous dog who thinks she's a lapdog - Sam loves Shadow unconditionally.

93. | clean plate club.
93. | clean plate club.

Shadow has no problems with food. She is always a member of the clean plate club - and in record time! Once the food is set down, she devours it! That's a hungry, hungry puppy.

94. | easter eggs.
94. | easter eggs.

It's a rare Easter that we are home for the weekend. So, per the kids' requests (in the form of begging and pleading!) we colored Easter eggs. In truth, it didn't take much convincing - we had already bought the kit.

95. | the hunt is on.

95. | the hunt is on.

Early April in Wisconsin, you will either get an unusual warm day and be pleasantly surprised that you don't need a scarf and hat for the Easter egg hunt.... or you will freeze your tootsies off. Today was the latter. But you can tell from Sam's face (and unzipped coat!!) that she doesn't care at all. She's happy as can be, running around outside looking for plastic eggs filled with candy and quarters.

96. | fancy monday.

96. | fancy monday.

It's Monday. But not just any Monday, dah-ling. It's a FANCY Monday. With a beautiful arrangement of roses on the table, my usual Starbucks coffee, laptop, iPad and laundry list of tasks don't seem so mundane. (Takes sip with pinky in the air.)

97. | at the ballpark.

97. | at the ballpark.

Spring Break Excursion #1 -- Miller Park.

My favorite part, aside from hanging out with a big group of friends, was watching David and his friend PAYING ATTENTION to the game. It was adorable. They even sat apart from our group a bit so they could focus on the game.

Love. And baseball.

98. | dogbed.
98. | dog bed.

Shadow doesn't like her own dog bed (she tends to eat it) but our bed - sure! that will do. Naturally. And she takes up the entire width of the bed.

99. | er.
99. | er.

Spring Break Excursion #2 -- Emergency Room.

David slammed his finger in his bedroom door. We rushed out to the ER. Most unfortunate way to spend a Wednesday, not to mention a Spring Break Wednesday.

The doctors and nurses were all great... so helpful, soothing and comforting. Plus, they made his owie go away.

100. | puppy eyes.
100. | puppy eyes.

This dog. She melts my heart.

101. | date night.
101. | date night.

Thanks to the greatest Nana and Papa ever, my hubs and I got to to on a date! We chose Pizza Man and a Goose Island. It was nice to actually have FACE time (not via electronics) with the man I married. We have been so busy lately that there are days when we don't even see each other, talk or check in. So tonight was MUCH needed. The conversation started something like, "So... how've you been?"

102. | go for a walk?
102. | go for a walk?

Spring Break Plan #1 -- go for a walk everyday.

Number of days it stuck -- probably two.

103. | heart.
103. | heart.

Shadow really is a loving dog. Don't believe me? She wears her heart on her paw.


104. | raindrops on glasses.
104. | raindrops on glasses.

Rainy morning.
I just barely made it inside before the downpour began.

105. | tomatoes.
105. | tomatoes.

My new seasonal favorite this year is the cherry tomato - in red and yellow. Just because. And also, they make for a colorful salad - and how can you NOT be happy with a rainbow in your bowl?

Monday, June 22, 2015

POTD 2015 | march 16-31

75. | book of the month.

75. | book of the month.

This month my book group is reading this supposed soul searching and spiritual book. I'm not sure I totally feel it but maybe wearing my glasses will help. #nerd

76. | cone dog.

76. | cone dog.

Poor puppy. Shadow has a little owie that she won't leave alone so we had to put the Cone of Shame on her. Look at her face. She's so sad and pathetic. "Mooooom! What're you doing to me?"

77. | bark box get well kit.

77. | bark box get well kit.

The day after the cone was installed, Shadow got a package in the mail - her monthly Bark Box delivery! That ought to cheer her up! This month's theme was the Oscars. This toy lasted longer than any of the other plushes we've ever gotten her. Now that deserves an award!

78. | nom nom nom.

78. | nom nom nom.

Early morning doctor appointment for my girl means a quick stop at Starbucks for breakfast. Oh, yes, that ooey-gooey chocolatey muffin is "breakfast".

79. | women at work.
79. | women at work.

My friend and I got together over breakfast and strong coffee to work on our websites. Really exciting stuff. But it looks pretty, so who cares!

Also, it's the start of a really good joke: A photographer and a designer walk into a donut shop......

80. | wisco beer list.

80. | wisco beer list.

We pretended to be grownups for the night! With a babysitter with the kids, we ventured out with other grownup friends to a new-to-us place... and one that certainly WILL be visited again. The Rumpus Room downtown Milwaukee and its oh-so-local beer list. Wisco is sure growing on me.

81. | #MKEkids
81. | #MKEkids 

I am so excited to start this new branch of my business. #MKEkids is all about the Tweens!

Step One: stickers. Because isn't that what every company starts with?!?

82. | dog + bone.
82. | dog + bone

For this, I took off her Cone of Shame. I think this greasy bone will distract her for a bit.

83. | venti quad.

83. | venti quad.


84. | refreshing.
84. | refreshing.

This is my long awaited post-event beer. Headshot Happy Hour is over and now I can finally enjoy a cold, refreshing Fat Tire. I am not sponsored by New Belgium in any way. BUT. For the record, I would like to be.

85. | chips and "salsa".

85. | chips and "salsa".

It's Book Group night! In honor of The Alchemist's setting in Spain and Morocco, we decided to spend the evening at a Mexican restaurant. Mostly because of the lack of local Moroccan and Spanish restaurants. And also because we like it there.

27. | seeing double?

86. | seeing double?

If the kids beg enough, I will wind up making them a milkshake. Or they can just say please. That works on me too. Today's milkshake experiment (David's idea) has crushed Oreos in it. So much yum.

87. | nutella heaven.
87. | nutella heaven.

This is my son's idea of heaven. Endless amounts of Nutella. I think he may have cried when I sent him this photo.

88. | conehead watches tv.

88. | conehead watches tv.

Sam was watching one of  those Buddies movies. You know the ones (rather, hopefully you don't!) - all the talking dogs who solve problems and crimes. Well, this was a movie right up Shadow's alley. She sat there, Cone of Shame and all, entranced by all the dogs on TV. Hey, down in front! You make a better cone than a window!

89. | my two girls.
89. | my two girls.

I took the girls to the park for a long walk. Everyone needed to get some energy out, I think. We went "off path" and wound our way through the woods. The dog was happy, the girl was super-happy and the mom was exhausted. But oh, so happy, too.

90. | you want me to WHAT?

90. | you want me to WHAT?

I came home from picking up one kid from school and found this written by the other kid in my spot in the garage.
I would love to, if I only knew how...


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