Thursday, January 29, 2015

POTD 2014 | november 1-15

305.365 | needed to happen.

needed to happen.

There are days when you need a little afternoon kick. A warm, sweet, comforting kick. Especially one that comes in a red paper cup.

306.365 | pile out of control.
pile out of control.

This is my office pile. It's gotten a tad out of control. Okay, a lot out control. And you can tell by the size and content of the pile: an external hard drive, an iPad, laptop case, a book, papers to file, papers to send, print samples, cords. I spy a lens cap, there, too.

If only I could find something to write with, I'd make a to-do list.

307.365 | new beer store.

new beer store.

There's a new beer store in town! Hooray beer!

308.365 | dog park.
dog park.

It's a beautiful fall day. What dog wouldn't want endless green grass to run around and around and around in? I took Shadow to the dog park and she did just that. She raaaaaaaaaan.

And then she slept.

309.365 | it's a sign.

it's a sign.

Truer words I  have never heard.

I only wish the line were shorter...

310.365 | looking up.
looking up.

I took a moment to look up and see the room in front of me. Not so exciting, but I see my laptop and my puppy and a sunny day. Not so bad for a Thursday in November.

311.365 | duck the rules.
duck the rules.

Those ducks. They are such rebels! I don't see any lifeguards, do you? Tsk, tsk. Or rather, quack quack.

312.365 | fun x 3.

fun x 3.

My brother was in town for an early Thanksgiving. And when my brother is here is the one time I exercise my selfie arm. Our dad apparently didn't think two were fun enough.

313.365 | great love.
great love.

Mom-mom. as we fondly call her, is a great-grandmother to four. Larkin is the baby at 18 months old. Mom-mom couldn't keep her hands or her eyes off that little blonde firecracker all weekend. It was really something to behold, the great love of a great-grandmother.

314.365 | brilliant sunset.
brilliant sunset.

"Orange? Like Effie's hair?" I say.
"A bit more muted," he says. "More like sunset."
-- Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

315.365 | lucky dog.

lucky dog.

We tell Shadow all the time that she won the dog lottery.... a family who loves her, a big backyard to run around in, a next-door-neighbor-dog best friend to play with and a warm, cozy fireplace to keep her happy. What a lucky dog.

316.365 | i want.

i want.

This was meant to be a tiny little helpful hint. "Hey, hunny! Look at this bag! It would make a great gift for birthday/Hanuakah/Christmas!"

Nope. His response: go get it.

Well, happy birthday to me!

317.365 | book group.
book group.

It's book group night and this month we met at Camp Bar. In all honesty, there wasn't much of a book discussion going on. I'm sure the book was great....

318.365 | step 6.

step 6.

How to get the socks folded, an over-complicated step-by-step plan.

1. Wash and dry dirty socks.
2. Collect loose (clean!) socks in a basket.
3. When the socks start falling out of the basket, push down on them to keep them together.
3. Ask kids to divide up socks into four piles - one for each member of the family.
4. Repeat Step 3.
5. Repeat Step 3.
6. Give in and divide up the socks your own darn self.
7. Fold pairs of socks together.
8. After each pair is folded, pelt it at husband across the room.

319.365 | what the heck?
what the heck?

Out holiday shopping with my sister-in-law and we saw THIS. In TWO separate stores! What. ON EARTH????

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

POTD 2014 | october 21-31

294.365 | so...vanilla.

So I'm wearing my beige slippers. I'm standing on the beige kitchen floor. Some days I just feel so.... vanilla.

295.365 | wine club.
wine club.

We joined a wine club. Because wine makes us happy. Especially when it comes in bottles with cool looking labels.

296.365 | banana  time.

banana time.

While we were scrounging around the Halloween aisles at Target, we came across this one. A banana suit in the prefect size for David. I BEGGED him to be a banana for Halloween. It was so funny, we couldn't stop giggling. But he refused. He really had his heart set on a character from Legend of Zelda. So off to Joann's we go....

297.365 | lunch so good we freaked.
lunch so good they freaked.

The kids were off school today. So, as all kids want to do on their day off,  I took them in for a checkup at the doctor. (All good.) To make up for it, I surprised them with lunch at Jimmy John's. And yes, it was so good they freaked.

298.365 | the battle of halloween knight.
the battle of halloween knight.

It was trick or treating night at our friend's house. During all the eating and drinking and candy-collecting, I caught David and his buddy in a serious sword battle. Yowsa.

299.365 | it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Today was the "official" trick or treating for our neighborhood. Lucky for us, we had some unseasonably beautiful weather. After a few blocks, even just a sweatshirt was too hot! This was completely opposite of last year's freezing cold and down pouring of rain.

David (dressed as Link from Zelda) and Sam (Steve from Minecraft) went door to door while Shadow (my little Linebarker) and I waited by the street. Trick or treat! (Woof!)

300.375 | it was all so good.
it was all so good.

Tonight I attended (read: gorged myself) at a special event hosted by the Tosa Farmer's Market. It was called Farmer's Feast and I gladly, er, FEASTED. All the food was supplied by the local vendors and farmers and the menu was created by the chef from  Story Hill BKC.

After all the food, we somehow managed to find room for dessert. Next to the lemon squares are - believe it or not - beet juice cookies. They were DELICIOUS. (I tasted no beets, btw.)

301.365 | front seat.

front seat.

Last week I had asked Sam's doctor when and if she could start sitting in the front seat (I promised her I'd ask). Turns out, she can sit in the front. And once again, I got caught not thinking. She came in at almost exactly ONE INCH shorter than me. So... if she can't sit in the front seat, um, neither can I! So now I have a cute new companion up front... I don't mind it one bit (except for the growing up too fast part).

302.365 | my view.
my view.

Some people have views of expansive oceans, cityscapes and endless fields from their office windows. Me? I've got this face to look at everyday. I wouldn't trade my office view for anything. Well.... maybe for something that chewed on less of my stuff? Nah.

304.365 | full-sized candy bars!

full-sized candy bars!

Finally it's the real Halloween. After another! friend's party (Halloween is serious business around here) we went trick or treating in her neighborhood. And wouldn't you know it, we found the metaphorical end of the rainbow. Nearly every house was giving FULL-SIZED candy bars to trick or treaters. The kids were flipping out.... okay, yes, so were the parents. But seriously, it was like we found the pot of gold that we had believed was only a thing of dreams.

Thank you to my new favorite neighborhood! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

POTD 2014 | october 11-20

284.365 | fall photo walk.

fall photo walk.

Today was the 2014 Worldwide Photo Walk. This is an organized photo walk that takes place every year - worldwide! The Milwaukee group headed over to Seven Bridges Park. As the name suggests, it is a park that has seven (or more) bridges. It's wildly popular with photographers, tourists, families and wedding parties. And all groups were accounted for - in abundance - on this beautiful fall day. This is one of my only wide shots with no people in it.

285.365 | (fake) gifts

(fake) gifts.

These are some fantastically wrapped presents! The ribbon is so sparkly and perfectly tied. And oh, the colors!

Alas, it's all fake. These are, sadly, empty gifts for a photo shoot setup.

I wouldn't normally wrap real presents this beautifully. Why, when the wrapping won't last long enough to be noticed, not to mention photographed? That's what fake presents are for!

286.365 | wine-day.

Because it's Monday. And there are moody children in my house.  And the bottle magically opened itself...

287.365 | looky looky.
what a lovely wall.

It's a strange and wonderful feeling when you walk into an office to find yourself face-to-face with your own work. Pretty darn cool, me thinks!

288.365 | grocery list.

grocery list.

It isn't glamorous, but this is how my grocery list looks these days. Sometimes it's legible, sometimes (usually) it's not. Sometimes I copy it onto a piece of paper, sometimes I simply snap an iPhone picture if it. Then there are days that I forget about it until I'm already in the store and then I have to go by memory. When this happens, I usually come back home only to learn I forgot the ONE thing I needed for tonight's dinner recipe.

289.365 | dog selfie.

dog selfie.

Okay, Shadow. I'll hold the camera, you press the shutter.

290.365 | candy shop.
candy shop.

Today, as part of my job, I "had" to go to a local candy shop, take photos and get a tour of their ooey-gooey backroom where all the magic happens. Oh, and I they gave me samples. Sweet!

This photo is from that back room, and the rows and rows of trays filled with caramel.

291.365 | raking it in.
raking it in.

My kids are funny. They were literally fighting over who would get to rake the leaves. And then it was time to rake and they had no interest in helping.

Then I told them they'd get a penny a leaf, as long as they counted them.

This is what serious leaf-raking looks like. I wonder if he's really counting the leaves... (tee hee)

292.365 | woodpile.

We doubled our wood order this year. Someone told us that it would be cold this winter in Wisconsin (ha) so we want to be fully prepared to participate in our annual Winter Hibernation. Hooray wood delivery! Hooray for the handsome wood stacker guy!

293.365 | homework time.
homework time.

I caught a beautiful quiet moment in my house. Homework time.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

POTD 2014 | October 1-10

275.365 | work in progress.

work in progress.

I love watching my daughter create art. She loves to draw... she's figured out all the details and shading and colors.... what a talented girl. I hope she never loses that love of art and creating. Ever.

275.365 | complete.


Life is complete with a surprise trip to Yo Mama for an after-school treat with your best bud.

276.365 | on display.

on display.

Several of my photographs are on display (and for sale!) at a local gallery. This is drop off day and I was like a proud mama of a Kindergartener on the first day of school - nervous, excited and a little afraid to let go.

277.365 | minecraft party.
minecraft party.

All she wanted for her birthday was to have a bunch of friends over so they could play Minecraft together.


278.365 | busy.

This is the physical proof of "busy". Paperclips mean one thing, post-it notes mean another. On top of the binder is a multi-page to-do list, a daily planner and - most importantly - my earbuds.

And now, back to work I go...

279.365 | karate class.
karate class.

Based on the previous day's photo, it makes sense why, during David's karate class, I have to make myself read for fun. I love to read, no question, but my Type A-ness is whispering in my ear to finish this project or complete that assignment. I boldly fight back armed with a novel.

280.365 | chewed.


This has become a game - not a fun game, but still.

Name the object that Shadow chewed up.

Answer: mom's slipper.

281.365 | oh, dog!
oh, dog!

The face that melts my heart.... and rips apart my slippers.

282.365 | brotherly love.

brotherly love.

Oh yes, he loves his dog. I don't think either of the kids can walk by the dog without giving her a little cuddle. And if the cuddle lasts long enough, I take a picture of it with the camera or device closest to me at that moment.

283.365 | donut surveillance.

donut surveillance.

David had no school today so of course I took him to Cranky Al's  for a donut. While he is overjoyed, I swear, he looks so serious about it, like someone is going to run over and swipe his sprinkles.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

POTD 2014 | september 21-30

265.365 | at attention.

265. 365
at attention.

One of Shadow's favorite spots. She sits there and watches all the squirrels and rabbits running around in the backyard.

Oh, who am I kidding? She sits there and waits for the neighbor dog to come out and play.

266.365 | 2 kids 1 dog.

2 kids 1 dog.

I think they love her.

267.365 | box tops puzzle.
box tops puzzle.

Tonight I was counting Box Tops for Education for our school when I came across this. Someone sent in a baggie with a bonus certificate.... cut into tiny pieces. I think either this someone really hates me or they were filming me for Candid Camera. I've never seen anything like this.

268.365 | lucky 11.

lucky 11.

Sometimes I stare in wonder at my little girl, who is really not so little anymore. She's almost as tall as me and she's way smarter than me. This little girl, with all her potential, abilities, bravery and creativity, I know she'll do great things. How do I know? Because she already is.

Happy 11th birthday, my sweet Sam. xoxo

269.365 | storytime.


I caught a glimpse of Sam and her daddy reading together. It's a rare night when she lets either of us read with her anymore so this was quite the privilege. Nothing beats curling up with a child and reading to them, reading with them or listening to them read.

270.365 | another one bites the dust.
another one bites the dust.

Another day, another pillow chewed up and spewed all over the floor. We love our dog, yes we do. As I tell her on a nearly daily basis, it's a good thing she's cute.

271.365 | air conditioning?

air conditioning?

My dog is so considerate. She thought my feet looked too hot when I run in these $125 running shoes. So she put in some free air-conditioning vents for me.

Such a thoughtful dog.

272.365 | rip 7-11.
rip 7-11.

I was back in my hometown for the day. While we were briefly driving around, I passed THIS and nearly fell over. This was the 7-11 I visited nearly every day. Along with a friend from the neighborhood, I went over there, rain or shine, snow or ice, for gum and Slurpees and sometimes a Tiger Beat or YM magazine. Once my little brother was old enough, we went together, too. This is where he learned (but not from me!) the art form of properly mixing Slurpee flavors.

I was so sad to see that this 7-11 has closed. Yet another place that has vanished, taking my memories with it.

273.365 | double screen nights.

double screen nights.

This is how most of my nights go. My laptop literally sits on my lap as I edit photo sessions and finish blog posts. Meanwhile the TV screen in the background entertains me. Once in a while, I pull up something on my iPhone - those are triple screen nights! And forget about it if my iPad is in use as well. The multi-tasker in me rejoices!

274.365 | it has arrived.
it has arrived.

It's always a great day when the Stitch Fix box arrives on my doorstep.


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