Sunday, February 22, 2015

POTD 2014 | december 16-31

350.365 | happy hanukah.
happy hanukah.

Our little family tradition, which I'm sure is not unlike many other families, is that the kids take turns lighting the candles. Tonight was David's turn. Next year he might even be able to reach the mantle.

351.365 | school concert excitement.
school concert excitement.

It's that time of year again. Holiday concerts at the elementary school. And look at the excitement and joy in their faces! And check out the crowd of parents who stood in the middle aisle, blocking everyone else's view of the show, just for a closer shot of their kids.

352.365 | barkbox hanukah.
barkbox hanukah.

Shadow's first BarkBox arrived today - just in time for the Hanukah candles. Lucky dog. #spoiled

353.365 | chocolate covered blueberries.
chocolate covered blueberries.

Pat and his boss went on a field trip of sorts the other day. It was more like a self-made scavenger hunt. When he came home, Pat presented an array of goodies for us - all distinctly local. Rare (and stinky) cheeses, different kinds of beers, and these... Chocolate. Covered. Blueberries.

I think this field trip should be a built-in part of his job. (AKA go get more of those blueberries!)

354.365 | hot.


I made dinner like usual. Tonight it was a recurring family favorite - Taco Skillet. However, there was an odd thing about tonight's dinner. It was really HOT. Spicy. It's never like this. I was stumped, after all, I didn't do anything differently.

Later, as I was putting away leftovers and ingredients, I realized the problem. Somehow a jar of HOT salsa made its way into my house. Hot. Spelled very differently than MILD or even MEDIUM. And let me tell you, it tastes different, too. (ouch... and duh)

355.365 | hot dog.

hot dog.

And tonight, Shadow the dog figured out the fireplace. Lay in front of it. The end.

356.365 | happy birthday to my ears.
happy birthday to my ears.

I got a birthday present in the mail. I am so super very excited. I have wanted one of these - a Bose bluetooth speaker. Ah. Music sounds real again. Oh, and audio books? They never sounded better.

357.365 | boy and his dog.
boy and his dog.

This boy loves his dog. There is no passing by the dog in the hall or in the living room. He must stop and hug his dog. And if mom's really lucky, she will have her camera in-hand and capture a beautiful picture of these two best friends.

358.365 | letter to santa.
letter to santa.

It may be little late, but David is hard at work writing a very important letter to Santa. With a face like that, who is Santa to say no?

359.365 | christmas book.

christmas book.

The kids always get books for Christmas. Every year they're different, based on their ability and interest, but they do get new books to read. This year Sam got a puppy book. It was opened instantly. Oh, sweet joy.

360.365 | birthday puppy.
birthday puppy.

Today is Shadow's first birthday! She is one (seven?) year old. Like any other birthday girl, she had a special breakfast (soft doggie food), presents (lots of them, including this ball) and many, many extra treats. She's our special furry girl, that's for sure.

361.365 | why.

If anyone ever asks why we buy presents for our children and grandchildren, THIS is why. THIS face is the reason.


362.365 | the road home.

the road home.

After Christmas with the family, this was our clear, dry road home. You'd never know it was December in Wisconsin. And honestly, I'm okay with that.

363.365 | costco shake.

costco shake.

When at Coscto, one must buy her child a chocolate milkshake. Because, you know, like mother like son.

364.365 | mineshaft.

For an Eve of New Year's Eve celebration, we took the kids to the Mineshaft for dinner and playtime. Aside from the usual skeet ball, our favorite was the life-size Fruit Ninja game. It was full-contact fruit slicing.

365.365 | annual nye martini.

annual nye martini.

This is it. It's the last day of the year. That means a lot of introspection and deep thoughts about the new, fresh start tomorrow.

It also means we have the last martini of 2014. Celebrate at  home in style!

Monday, February 16, 2015

POTD 2014 | december 1-15

335.365 | stitch fix this.
stitch fix to the rescue.

You won't see my face in any of these pictures on my blog - I was feeling terribly ill - but not too sick to try on some potential new clothes on. See, Stitch Fix can cure everything! (Okay, not really, since it took another 20 or so days till I felt better.)

336.365 | that's no chip on my shoulder.

that's no chip on my shoulder.

Most people have an angel and devil on their shoulders guiding their way. I just have a dog looking over one of mine. All I hear is "feed me" and "play with me" and "i'm gonna chew up your socks".

337.365 | boomerang card.

boomerang card.

It's the coolest feeling in the world when you create things for people and then they come back to you.

338.365 | pre-birthday treat.
pre-birthday treat.

After ten days of feeling miserable, I finally thought it was time to see a doctor. In a flash of forward thinking, I went to the walk-in clinic today rather than waiting until tomorrow - my birthday. If I waited, it would officially make for the worst birthday ever. Instead, it was "just" the crappiest birthday ever. But it wasn't the worst. And at least I had my antibiotics.

339.365 | we woof you a happy day.

we woof you a happy day.

Blah. It's my birthday. THIS - getting flowers from my dog - was the absolute HIGHLIGHT of my day. Seriously. I slept most of the day, didn't get a Starbucks birthday coffee and did not step inside a restaurant for a birthday meal of any kind. In fact, I'm not even sure if I ate anything all day.

So my question is this: if I have a really yucky birthday like I did this year, does that mean it doesn't count? Yes? So you're saying I can still be 29?....

340.365 | with love, puppy

with love, puppy.

My puppy loves me. My puppy loves me. My puppy loves me.


341.365 | celebrate with salt.

celebrate with salt.

Finally, I made it out of the house and of course we went to Red Robin. The food is pretty darn good there - and so is their salt! Now that I say that out loud, it's a pretty odd compliment, isn't it?

342.365 | sick selfie.

sick selfie.

Sick Selfie Requirements:
More Sleeping

343.365 | clean dog.

clean dog.

Q: How can you tell a dog has just been to the groomer?
A: The bandana isn't chewed up yet.

344.365 | smoothie for lunch.

smoothie for lunch.

For some reason, I am incredibly surprised by the lack of smoothie shops in Milwaukee. I found Jamba Juice - thank goodness. But of all the things, when we lived in Nebraska there was a local chain called Juice Stop. It was heavenly. And they were all over. And I miss it terribly. All I want is a Jab Step. Mmm.

345.365 | neil degrasse tyson.

neil degrasse tyson.

Our kids are not like us. They are smart beings. They actually know what astrophysics is. They could name an actual astrophysicist. When I was their age, the best I could do was name the five members of Duran Duran. (FYI: Simon, Nick, John, Andy and Roger)

Tonight we took the kids to see Neil deGrasse Tyson - a rock star of his own sort - give a lecture. And they were EXCITED about it. And they understood the smartness coming from the stage. And I sat there playing Candy Crush. (just kidding)

Seriously, some people wonder what the world is coming to, but I think it's getting better. Look, I can joyfully retell the story of my first concert (it was Duran Duran, of course). Meanwhile, my children will someday tell the story of their first scientific lecture on astrophysics....

346.365 | new calendar.

new calendar

It's an exciting day when I find the perfect new planner.

See previous post regarding Neil deGrasse Tyson. Proceed to roll your eyes at me. It's ok. I deserve it.

347.365 | baby of the family.

baby of the family.

It's Family Christmas Party day and we finally got to meet the baby of the family. She was so precious - contently sitting on the bar playing with an iPhone. Awww. Really, though, I she was a really, especially sweet baby. Didn't cry once all day. "FTW," said her parents.

348.365 | breakfast of tosans.
breakfast of tosans.

We may not have a chain of smoothie shops but Tosa has a wonderful and eclectic array of local restaurants to choose from. From farm to table to fresh mexican to gourmet diner, you can find pretty much anything to eat.

Because #tosarocks

And also because we love to eat, apparently.

349.365 | sideline karate selfie.

sideline karate selfie.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

POTD 2014 | november 16-30

320.365 | it's a real deal.
it's a real deal.

Today was a big day. BIG. I received my LLC paperwork in the mail.

While technically it doesn't take much to form an LLC, for me, it wasn't about filing the paperwork. It was more about the fact that I had built my business up to the point where applying for an LLC was necessary.

I started my business with the hope that I wouldn't embarrass myself. Going into my fourth year as an oh-so-official LLC, I'd say I'm doing ok.

So proud.

321.365 | ruh-roh.

My computer wasn't feeling too well. Running slow. Achey. Felt a little warm to the touch. Lethargic. You know, the usual symptoms that require a visit to the doctor. I sat in the Apple Store while we probed and tested my precious laptop.

In the end, it just needed a little system reboot. In fact, the guy helping me said we were essentially doing the equivalent of putting a band-aid on it. So, while it may be okay for now, a serious operation-al upgrade may indeed be in our future.

322.365 | from the bakery.

from the bakery.

These cookies remind me of when I was little. I'm not sure why, but all those fancy cookies from the bakery remind me of childhood. I felt like today, my kids needed a taste of old fashioned (ha) bakery style cookies. Just because.

323.365 | stand out wine.
stand out wine.

This is the November wine of the month at Ruby Tap - Stand Out.

I like the label and the wine was pretty good, too. But it was the story that I loved - two guys started using leftover grapes from a local winery to make their own wine in their college dorm room. They succeeded. Then they went on to getting their own grapes for their own wine. And I just drank it. I'm a sucker for success stories. (Especially when they come in a bottle!)

324.365 | what a smart-tea.
what a smart-tea.

I always try to eat and drink things that are informative. Like Snapple. Did you know that dolphins are unable to smell? Me neither! But now we do, thanks to the fact that I was thirsty.

325.365 | hunger games popcorn.
hunger games popcorn.

Opening night of The Hunger Games and I am ready for battle - I will not leave the theater hungry. I may leave with Peeta, but I will not leave hungry.

326.365 | one stick, two dogs.
one stick, two dogs.

After a day of mini sessions and headshots, I still had my camera in-hand when Shadow went out to play with her BFF neighbor, Fiona. They always (playfully) fight over the same stick, same twig, same blade of grass.

327.365 | hot chocolate.
hot chocolate.

Cold, wet weather calls for hot chocolate with a pile of marshmallows on top. As IF there's any other way to drink it.

328.365 | through the rain.
through the rain.

Cold. Rainy. Dreary. Depressing. Just... yuck. I need another hot chocolate.

329.365 | zero balance.

zero balance.

I hit an exact zero balance today. It was a sad, sad day.

330.365 | this one is ok.

this one is ok.

We used to have a cat, an Evil Cat, for 15 years. My dad hates cats. My cat hated people. Therefore, they never would have been this close together unless it was an accident. But this one? This cute, hyper, sweet puppy? She is not a cat and she is not evil. And my dad loves dogs. So. I guess you can say this one is ok.

331.365 | most pathetic thanksgiving ever.
most pathetic thanksgiving ever.

As it is with many families, Thanksgiving is a big deal with us. It's the one holiday with no gifts, no expectations, lots of food with no calories. I always take tons of pictures - of both the food and the people. Sometimes I wonder why, because every year we eat the same exact food with the same exact people.

This year, however, was a Very Pathetic Holiday. I caught the flu that had been going around. Not only did I sleep through most of the day, I didn't take any pictures of "Thanksgiving". After we ate (of which I have no recollection) we watched the Bears game. I do remember laying on the couch, feeling like a giant, pointless blob of yucky-ness. Shadow must have known something was off because she curled up on my legs all afternoon.

So this is my one and only picture of Thanksgiving. Pathetic, right?

332.365 | my blanket.
my blanket.

This is the blanket my mom made for me when I went away to college. It's nice and thick and heavy. Now, if you see me wrapped in this blanket, I'm either really, inconsolably cold or really, really sick. Or both.

333.365 | good fortune.
good fortune?

The day after Thanksgiving we ordered Chinese food for dinner. I was hoping my fortune would say something like, "You will feel better by morning." It didn't.

334.365 | puppy's first christmas.
puppy's first christmas.

The tree is up and amazingly, Shadow didn't eat it. She may have wanted to, but she didn't!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

POTD 2014 | november 1-15

305.365 | needed to happen.

needed to happen.

There are days when you need a little afternoon kick. A warm, sweet, comforting kick. Especially one that comes in a red paper cup.

306.365 | pile out of control.
pile out of control.

This is my office pile. It's gotten a tad out of control. Okay, a lot out control. And you can tell by the size and content of the pile: an external hard drive, an iPad, laptop case, a book, papers to file, papers to send, print samples, cords. I spy a lens cap, there, too.

If only I could find something to write with, I'd make a to-do list.

307.365 | new beer store.

new beer store.

There's a new beer store in town! Hooray beer!

308.365 | dog park.
dog park.

It's a beautiful fall day. What dog wouldn't want endless green grass to run around and around and around in? I took Shadow to the dog park and she did just that. She raaaaaaaaaan.

And then she slept.

309.365 | it's a sign.

it's a sign.

Truer words I  have never heard.

I only wish the line were shorter...

310.365 | looking up.
looking up.

I took a moment to look up and see the room in front of me. Not so exciting, but I see my laptop and my puppy and a sunny day. Not so bad for a Thursday in November.

311.365 | duck the rules.
duck the rules.

Those ducks. They are such rebels! I don't see any lifeguards, do you? Tsk, tsk. Or rather, quack quack.

312.365 | fun x 3.

fun x 3.

My brother was in town for an early Thanksgiving. And when my brother is here is the one time I exercise my selfie arm. Our dad apparently didn't think two were fun enough.

313.365 | great love.
great love.

Mom-mom. as we fondly call her, is a great-grandmother to four. Larkin is the baby at 18 months old. Mom-mom couldn't keep her hands or her eyes off that little blonde firecracker all weekend. It was really something to behold, the great love of a great-grandmother.

314.365 | brilliant sunset.
brilliant sunset.

"Orange? Like Effie's hair?" I say.
"A bit more muted," he says. "More like sunset."
-- Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

315.365 | lucky dog.

lucky dog.

We tell Shadow all the time that she won the dog lottery.... a family who loves her, a big backyard to run around in, a next-door-neighbor-dog best friend to play with and a warm, cozy fireplace to keep her happy. What a lucky dog.

316.365 | i want.

i want.

This was meant to be a tiny little helpful hint. "Hey, hunny! Look at this bag! It would make a great gift for birthday/Hanuakah/Christmas!"

Nope. His response: go get it.

Well, happy birthday to me!

317.365 | book group.
book group.

It's book group night and this month we met at Camp Bar. In all honesty, there wasn't much of a book discussion going on. I'm sure the book was great....

318.365 | step 6.

step 6.

How to get the socks folded, an over-complicated step-by-step plan.

1. Wash and dry dirty socks.
2. Collect loose (clean!) socks in a basket.
3. When the socks start falling out of the basket, push down on them to keep them together.
3. Ask kids to divide up socks into four piles - one for each member of the family.
4. Repeat Step 3.
5. Repeat Step 3.
6. Give in and divide up the socks your own darn self.
7. Fold pairs of socks together.
8. After each pair is folded, pelt it at husband across the room.

319.365 | what the heck?
what the heck?

Out holiday shopping with my sister-in-law and we saw THIS. In TWO separate stores! What. ON EARTH????


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