Friday, April 11, 2014

POTD 2014 | april 1-10

91.365 | keeping her eye on the bird.
keeping her eye on the bird.

You know how I know spring is coming? Because the cat won't move from the window. It's her front row seat to all the bird and squirrel watching she can ever want.

92.365 | lamp inspiration.

lamp inspiration.

I was watching American Idol tonight when I saw THIS. It was a very different stage set for them and I LOVED it. I need to add it to the list of ideas for photo shoots. It would be so cool to try.

93.365 | school doors.

school doors.

As a parent, you always want your babies to stay babies. They ARE your babies. No matter what. Well, until the night you go to school to pre-view "the video". That is a stinging wakeup call that your babies are growing up. Okay, got it. Loud and clear.

94.365 | the husband's secret.
the husband's secret.

This month's (juicy) book club selection has been spotted in my kitchen, on the dining room table, in the living room, on my bedside table and in the car - wherever I happen to be reading it. And every time my husband spots this book, I swear he shudders. It's pretty entertaining. Does he realize it's NOT a self-help book? haha

95.365 | snapshot beer.
snapshot beer.

My husband went on a snazzy beer run and JUST LOOK what he came back with! It is my new favorite beer, for sure. Like they made it for me. Hey, New Belgium! Do you need a photographer to endorse this? I'm in!

96.365 | what a bunny lego guy.
what a bunny lego guy.

This is an official sign of me not having a single thing to photograph. I broke out the Lego guys! At least he's seasonal.

97.365 | peeps.

Stale peeps make great props.

98.365 | dog watching.
dog watching.

Our cat was a. entertained, b. hypnotized or c. bored by our neighbor's dog. Perhaps it was d. all of the above -- she didn't budge for at least 10 minutes.

99.365 | sam.


My beautiful girl. Even test shots look good on her. (Sorry, Sam. It turns out I didn't delete this one.)

100.365 | sushi and a book.

sushi and a book.

I took myself out for lunch for the first time in ages. I had sushi and read a book and it was glorious.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

POTD 2014 | march 21-31

80.365 | friday night.

friday night.

Friday nights look a lot different than they used to. We all just needed a break. Everyone has their electronic devices in their faces.... even the cat? So, what's she reading? Sharp Objects. Hisssss...

81.365 | lucky 7k.
lucky 7k.

Today was my first longer-than-a-5K-race. Today I was signed up for a 7K. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're in the middle of mile 3 and you just want to stop.... then, it's a lot. I couldn't make it to the actual race due to a scheduling conflict and lack of a babysitter. Instead, I ran it on my treadmill all by myself. I ALMOST asked one of my kids if they would redeem my free beer ticket afterward at the refrigerator, but I thought that would be awkward and perhaps a little wrong. Either way, I did it! I did it! 7K completed, t-shirt earned.

82.365 | broken plate.
broken plate.

This is what happens when you try to do too much and you're short. I was putting away these little Pampered Chef mini measuring bowls on a high-ish shelf when they came tumbling down on me. They're glass. Not one of them broke. One landed on the kitchen floor and the other on this plate. Unfortunately, the plate didn't fare so well. I guess it's one less thing to wash.

When this happened, the kiddos were in the next room playing Minecraft on their iPads. What do you suppose they did when they heard shattering glass and their startled mom shrieking? Not. A. Darn. Thing. It's a good thing I wasn't hurt or I'd have bled out before they noticed me lying there on the floor.

83.365 | construction season.

construction season.

Finally the construction crew is back. I say that only because there has been a giant pit surrounded by yellow caution tape on my front lawn ALL WINTER. I can only assume (hope?) that their ultimate plan is to make the pit and tape and mess go away. In the meantime, all day, every day, I hear beeping, digging, revving and shouting. It feels like a constant earthquake. Somehow it looks WAY worse than when they started - now we have two pits in our front lawn.

84.365 | at the library.
at the library.

My daughter (who is SO sick of me always taking pictures of her) and her friend wanted to go to the library after school. So we went. And I brought my camera. Which, clearly, was put to good use. Madison absolutely made my day - she took a look at one of the pictures on the back of the camera and exclaimed, "Wow, you take really good pictures!"

85.365 | look who's on my tv!

look who's on my tv!

Look at who's on my TV! It's my adorable, handsome, brilliant and amazing husband. He created an app for his company and was on the 6 o'clock news talking about it. You know, just another day at the office.

86.365 | yellow tulips.

yellow tulips.

I was at the grocery store and these bright yellow tulips caught my eye. Home with me, they go!

87.365 | my little table.
my little table.

I spent the afternoon at a little corner table in Rocket Baby Bakery. I love that they always have flowers on every table. I also love that they are good at baking stuff.

88.365 | champagne toast.

champagne toast.

Pat's parents had been waiting a long time to crack open this bottle of champagne. After a promotion and a big, successful project launch we certainly had reason to toast. We ALL are so proud of you. Cheers!

89.365 | family history.

family history.

Papa gave his youngest grandson a piece of family history tonight. The flat, silver objects on the bar were dog tags from World War I (great-great grandpa) and World War II (great grandpa). At home we already have Papa's dog tags from Vietnam. It's pretty amazing to think about. At not even eight years old, David can't even begin to fathom the significance of those dog tags. He will. Someday. But for now, just look at how he looks up to his Papa. That's the stuff of family.

90.365 | easy changes can be hard.

easy changes can be hard.

Easy: Taking down a wall full of pictures and replacing them with a bunch of different pictures. A quick project that you can practically do during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show.

Hard: Taking down pictures that your kids have drawn, painted and sketched and replacing them with pictures that represent your photo studio. Sure, it takes practically no time at all. But it was so heartbreaking. But it had to be done. But it made me cry! But it looks so much better. But.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

POTD 2014 | march 11-20

70.365 | three hour rice.
three hour rice.

It didn't take three hours for the rice to cook. I (accidentally) LET IT COOK for three hours.

In an effort to make dinner in the crockpot and have it ready-to-serve over rice, I thought, being as smart and time-conscious as I am, that I'd make the rice while I ate lunch. So I boiled the water while I made a salad. I added the rice and turned down the burner to low. And then I went to the table and ate while I worked. When I was done eating, I moved my salad bowl to the side of my laptop and carried on doing my photo editing.

All afternoon I marveled at the yummy smells coming from the kitchen.

At 3:00 I got up to pick the kids up from school. I put my bowl in the sink, turned around and looked. Something wasn't right. What was it? Thinking. Looking. Holy $%^& the stove is on! I quickly turned off the fire, looked in the pot, expecting to be greeted with either crunchy blackened rice or a small kitchen fire. I found neither. The rice was still white. It was still soft. Some of the rice on the bottom of the pan was a little browned but not inedible. None of the rice stuck to the pan.

I am not selling anything here. But mark my words. If this pan I was using was anything but Pampered Chef, I would have probably had a disaster on my hands. Phew. That was a close one.

Dinner's ready...

71.365 | me & di.

me & di.

Diana and I were long over due for a meeting of the minds. So we made it be.

72.365 | six grand bars.
six grand bars.

Our school is $600 away from a big goal for Box Tops collection. So I sent out these SIX Grand Bars to the teachers as a little treat (because $600 = 6,000 Box Tops). Whatever was I thinking? There wasn't a SINGLE candy bar leftover for me.

73.365 | pi day.
pi day.

My daughter has instituted a new holiday of sorts in our house. (And we are certainly not arguing with this one.) It's Pi Day! Get it? March 14th = 3.14? Per tradition (one year and counting)  I got us a pie. When I went to pick it up, I was blown away - there were only five (reserved) pies in the whole Baker's Square! They had NOTHING left. Not even a fake rubber pie in the display case. NOTHING. Needless to say, I took my pie and ran.

74.365 | pi day - continued.
pi day - continued.

We literally RAN OUT OF TIME yesterday. How anyone doesn't make time for pie is beyond me, but we did it. So today, we made plenty of time to eat the pie.

75.365 | paperwork.

I thought it was just about time to get all the 2013 paperwork organized, some bills paid and the checkbook balanced. This is the beautiful, neatly organized "AFTER". You should have seen the mess that was the "BEFORE". At the end of this painful, headache-inducing, scream-worthy seemingly never-ending set of tasks, I also considered how ironic and cruel it is that *I* am the one dealing with all these numbers.

76.365 | text me.
text me.

Valentine's Day was a month ago and yet, I found this randomly sitting on a chair. It struck me as odd that a Valentine heart eraser would say "Text Me". But then again, I think this is what you would call "a sign of the times".

77.365 | reading to the cat.
reading to the cat.

The cat often sits at the end of David's bed while he reads. It's adorable and endearing (but don't tell his sister!). Tonight it struck me that she was all perked up, like she was listening to him. Maybe she was, after that the cat fell fast asleep... 

78.365 | mug of joe.
mug of joe.

The morning sun throws itself across my dining room table. My steaming cup of coffee giggles in delight. My sturdy little laptop whirrs to life. This is my morning routine. I'm feeling grateful for having a job that allows me to drink my own coffee, sit at my own table, and stay in my pajamas until 2:45 in the afternoon.

79.365 | popcorn.

The class who won the latest Box Tops contest got a movie and popcorn in their class. I brought in the popcorn for them. One serving for you, one for me....

As a side note, I don't think popcorn has ever, in my lifetime, sat in front of me long enough to be photographed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

POTD 2014 | march 1-10

Falling behind is hard work. Here we go, into March...

84 years young.

Happy birthday to you! My amazing grandmother turned 84 years young. I am constantly in awe when I consider how many changes she has seen in her life - from cars to computers to movie ticket prices. It's really astounding if you stop and think about it.

baby feet.

It was a busy day in the studio today. One of my favorite things to photograph is those precious little baby feet. Having done that today makes me very happy.

slow day.

I went to Costco today. By the looks of it, I may be the only person there.

productivity killer.

I was having a very productive day. I got lots of little jobs done. I got some nagging tasks done. I was quickly running some errands. And then. The killer of all productivity - I got stopped by a train. Wah, wah, wah.

it's the little things.

At Rocket Baby Bakery they always have a little vase with fresh flowers. These tulips and daffodils are so pretty and spring-like. And they happened to be posing just for me, right in the line of sunlight. Proving once again that it truly is the little things that keep the wheels turning.

out on a school night.

Our school had its Spring Social fundraiser tonight at Blue's Egg. Of course you know it was a fun time - mom-selfies were involved!

where the streets have no snow.

It was JUST warm enough (what? 26 degrees is practically a heatwave!) to go outside for a run. I am wimpy; I don't go out unless it's sunny and 72. (kidding) I spent my run imagining a day when there streets will have no snow. They say we WILL have a summer. Someday. But for now, I've had a day with a great run. Outside.

date night.

Finally. We got a night out. I honestly don't remember the last time we went out. It may have been last year sometime. We wanted to choose the perfect places to go - who knows when our next date night would be, right? So we went to a cool, hip restaurant we'd never been to before. Pat managed to magically get us a table even though there were no reservations left. We enjoyed a romantic dinner. Everything was great. Except that afterward, we were still hungry. Who was the genius who decided the "small plate" trend was a good idea? Seriously. I guess we're not cool and hip enough. We're just hungry.

This photo was taken at my new favorite place (not where we ate) - a wine bar called Ruby Tap. We decided wine might be better than food.


peeking through.

What. Is. THAT???? It's amazing. I think that is a tiny patch of grass peeking through the snow. There's HOPE!!!!


fresh air.

First, we saw a little patch of grass peeking through the snow. Then, today, we are gifted with a truly "warm" day. (It's all relative. After such a cold winter, 40's IS warm.) An open-your-windows kind of day. It was incredible, even if only for a few hours. Even the cat wasn't sure what to think of it. She was sniffing around, smelling the fresh air blowing in through the open window, completely bewildered. I know, kitty, fresh air can be so confusing.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

POTD 2014 | february 21-28


cold and dreary.

Looking out the window and all I see is the dull, endless cold of a very dreary winter. Wow, that sure is inspirational. Not.

furry ball.

This is how life should be - curled up in a comfy ball with one paw sticking out. Comfortable, cozy and warm, yet always ready for a high five.

fundraising night out.

Tonight the school had a fundraiser at Pizzeria Piccolo. The place was so packed that the owners had to call in extra help in the kitchen! After our volunteer slots were done, we sat down for some diner. The food was fantastic. And we had fun, too. Just look at these two.

new printer.

This week I surrendered to the God of Slow and Temperamental Printers. I bought a new, shiny and fully cooperative printer, replacing the one I've had and loved for almost eight years. The difference is astounding. The colors are so rich. The words are so crisp. When I ask for full-bleed, the printer doesn't grimace at me and sigh in disdain. In fact, I don't get an argument of any kind when I ask for it to print something. Even from long distance! This baby is going to be my new BFF, I can already tell.


This was not an intentional photo. I picked up my camera to move it, looked through the viewfinder and - seriously - accidentally pressed the shutter. But the funny thing is that I really like this picture! Its blur and mis-framing speaks volumes....

It was 6:40 am. Early Band practice. These mornings tend to be tired and slow going. Sometimes, to wake up, Sam plays DragonVale on my phone while she eats breakfast. Tiredly leaning on one hand while she slowly starts her day, turns out that this is a perfectly photographed moment.


My 50mm lens broke at Disney World. If you have one, you know that is is near-catastropic. I cannot live without it, not to speak of having a photo shoot without it! So today my new (and improved!) lens arrived. (I splurged a little on the 50mm f1.4.) I ripped the package open as soon as I could, plopped that baby on my camera and had approximately negative 30 seconds to play with it. So this is the picture I took, just a test shot, with plans to return to the camera later to shoot something more exciting. That clearly never happened.

Happy Photo of the Day, stapler and three-hole punch. It's your lucky day.

positive thinking.

I was setting up for a Spring-y photo shoot and I got to thinking... if I take pictures of fake flowers, will it make Spring arrive any faster? No? I didn't think so. It doesn't hurt to try. This winter has gone on too long and I'm getting desperate.

travel safely.

Box Tops for the school are due tomorrow. Today I packed em up, got them ready to mail. Of course I don't want my precioussss Box Tops to get hurt on the drive to the post office so I made them wear their seatbelt. Safety first!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

POTD 2014 | february 9-20

WAY BEHIND. So sorry. I'm catching up now... although if you are my Lightroom, you'd know I'm not really behind, just on the internets.

P.S. Is this dated enough that you can call it Throwback Thursday?
farewell donut.

Pit stop on the way to the airport - Dunkin Donuts. This may be the saddest pretty donut ever, the one on the way home from Disney World. (But it was mighty tasty, so it has that going for it.)

garnacha para mi.

Pat and I have been doing some really tough research this winter. We have been working hard to determine by the process of elimination (and inclusion) our favorite type of wine. It's a tough job, and honestly, one that no one else can do for us. So we sacrificed ourselves in the name of fermented grapes to narrow the fields.

And we did it!  Our favorite wines are Garnacha, Malbec and Pinot Nior - in order of preference. If you know me, it shouldn't be a surprise that my favorite wine is made in Spain. I may be a bit biased since I tend to adore anything out of that country. But really, this wine is fant├ístico!

ipad fort.

Sammie built a fort under her desk. Both kids squeezed in there and played on their iPads. Because that's what I remember doing when I was little.... except it was books instead of Pads, and a flashlight instead of a screen. Times have changed, that's for sure. But forts have remained the same.

valentine bookmarks.

With one day to spare (dramatically wipes brow) I managed to figure out the kids' Valentines for their classmates. I refuse to buy pre-made Valentines. Why, when I could do something myself that is way cuter than Batman holding a box of chocolates in front of Robin with some cheesy G-rated pickup line? Nah, I much prefer my kids giving their classmates homemade BOOKMARKS with cheesy G-rated pickup lines. Er....

i have it up to here with laundry.

Help! Our laundry is going to swallow me up and eat me whole. The pile of post-vacation laundry is so high, it's not metaphorically "up to here" - it REALLY is. Save me before the stinky clothes get me....

my hero.

No school on Valentines Day so I took the kids to see The Lego Movie (along with the rest of America). We L-O-V-E-D it! It was (echem) awesome. Totally awesome. (Oh, wow, sorry about that.)

On the way out of the theater, David had his picture taken as Captain America (along with the rest of America). He is so cute. Look at the look on his face and the Milk Duds box in his free hand.

P.S. This is GENIUS marketing.

salud, dinero y amor.

We had dinner at our friend's house tonight. It may have been the perfect evening: our collective children all played together REALLY WELL and the grownups got to enjoy sangria and professionally prepared Spanish tapas in comfort. Great conversation, great food, great drinks, great friends. It's sometimes just what you need when you need it. Cheers!

red roses.

He loves me, he really loves me.

piedras de chocolate.

I have a new favorite luxury treat. Piedras de Chocolate and Marcona Almonds. One is super sweet and decadent. The other is salty and addictive. I'll take both, thank you.


reading with friends.

It's time to read. Everyone cuddle up.

By the way, because it just doesn't get better than this, you must know what David is reading: "Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder". Yes, that's what I said.

running outside.

Turn the temperature up to 46 degrees and watch, like a science experiment, how people in Wisconsin react. Like lunatics. For one, I HAD to run outside. Like it was my job. It was a great, rejuvenating run, but because all the snow started melting, I was literally running through lakes and ponds. By the time I was done, I was SOAKING WET. I saw people wearing SHORTS. Others had dug out spring jackets. As they walked out of the school building, kids were looking around like they had just been released from a deep winter hibernation. (Because they had!)

And the next day, when the temperature plummeted again, everyone's tears froze on their cheeks...

51.365 | out of the comfort zone.
out of my comfort zone.

I am trying to push out of my comfort zone. I have no problem taking loads of pictures of other people, places and things. But me? That's where I have always drawn my line. Taking a "selfie" of my feet feels like cheating. Yes, it's me. But it's not my face. So here goes....


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